Ali Wehbi

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Ali Wehbi
Co-Founder Of Programi Tech
DevOps Engineer | Software Engineer | Technical Team Lead
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  • Bootstrap, Materialize
  • Stylus, Sass, Less
  • Gulp, Webpack, Grunt
  • GIT knowledge

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My Services

Custom Software Development
Are you looking for a tailored software solution that perfectly fits your business needs? I specialize in developing custom software applications that are designed to address your unique requirements. With expertise in various programming languages and frameworks, I can build robust and scalable solutions to help you streamline your processes and achieve your business goals.
Web Application Development
In today's digital age, having a powerful web presence is essential for businesses. I offer top-notch web application development services to create modern and interactive web experiences. Using the latest technologies and frameworks, I can develop responsive and user-friendly web applications that provide seamless navigation, enhanced functionality, and an exceptional user interface.
Mobile App Development
Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we interact with technology. If you're looking to bring your ideas to life on iOS or Android platforms, I can help you develop high-quality mobile applications. Leveraging my expertise in programming languages like Swift and Kotlin, along with frameworks like Flutter and React Native, I can create feature-rich and visually appealing apps that engage and delight your users.
Cloud Infrastructure Setup and Management
Unlock the power of the cloud with my comprehensive cloud infrastructure setup and management services. Whether you're looking to migrate your applications to the cloud or build a new cloud-native solution, I can guide you through the process. With in-depth knowledge of AWS, Azure, and GCP, I can architect scalable and secure cloud environments, ensuring high availability and efficient resource management.
DevOps Consulting
Embrace the DevOps philosophy and optimize your software development lifecycle with my expert consulting services. I can help you streamline your workflows,implement robust CI/CD pipelines, and adopt automation practices for faster and more reliable software delivery. By aligning development and operations, I can assist you in improving collaboration, reducing time-to-market, and enhancing overall software quality.
Automation and Infrastructure as Code
Say goodbye to manual and error-prone tasks with automation and infrastructure as code solutions. I specialize in tools like Ansible, Terraform, and Docker to automate repetitive processes and manage infrastructure efficiently. By writing infrastructure as code, I can ensure consistency, repeatability, and scalability, empowering you to deploy applications seamlessly across different environments.


AbdulRahman AlHamali
AbdulRahman AlHamali
Senior Production Engineer at Shopify

Ali did an internship in SAUGO360 in the summer of 2018. During that internship, I was the person responsible for assigning tasks to him and supervising his performance. Truth be told, Ali is a very smart and hard-working developer. He succeeded, in a short period of time, in learning new technologies (like Flutter, Instagram API, and others), and implementing challenging product features with them. He is a hard worker and a fast learner, and I see a bright future for him!

Zareh Demirdjian
Zareh Demirdjian
[MSEng, MBA, PMP, ACP] General Manager, Agile Practitioner, Lecturer, Consultant

Ali worked with us for almost three years, he witnessed the growth of the company and played an important role in this. Because of his ability and experience, he quickly rose to the position of lead developers. Ali leads by example, fun to work with, and is always ready to help his colleagues.


Cindy Haber
Cindy Haber
Technical Project Manager | Software Developer

It was a pleasure working with Ali, he is supportive and committed to his work. I learned a lot from his technical skills and knowledge. He is always willing to learn a new skill and share it with the team."